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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Captain! There be whales! No i mean dirt!

3 days the weather has been warm.
i mean warm enough for me to opened the doors
and air out the stale air of winter in the house.
Yes, i goes away again...tonight,
but with some heavy shoveling,
the solid ice that was my garden
and the path to the garden,
is almost clear.
My heart turns warm,
but i still think of things that have been lost.
It is okay,
they are in hands that are greater than mine
and much better.
I have dug up more pictures...
of people that are no longer
and i remember them with great fondness.
Yes i seem to live in the past,
it sometimes seems strange.
The reasons i do so much that is unfathomable,
is rooted in these past memories.
Tomorrow will be cold,
but a few days of warmth will help me through...
I am terribly effected by the cold,
but warm weather is coming
and a song is begining to chirp in my heart.
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