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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

today is like no other

i struggle every day...to exist.
Every moment of every day,
some days i am brought down by this fact,
others, i am comforted that it just is.
For i am not merely surviving,
i am existing,
not merely affecting those in contact with me.
I have survived
and those who know me,
would be wise to heed my efforts.
Those who think my effects have been negative,
should look deeper,
for while not always pure,
my actions speak of inequality that has not been addresses,
that people do not want to acknowledge,
but i did what i did
and am content with the actions.
For me i sit going still through the mounds of photos and "things",
left from my mother, 3 years past.
I do what i can,
when i can
and until the emotion chokes me.
Then i rest once again till another day.
The sun is shining,
it is warm,
the heavy ice from snow still covers the garden,
so i can not work in it,
but this day is good
and my struggles to exist are strong
and this is good.
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