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Thursday, May 1, 2014

more pondering

formulas for food,
balancing sour with sweet,
sweet with heat,
earthiness and fresh.
These are easy,
these are what people like,
but they are not people.
People can not be derived in any formula,
Is this why God made us?
Are we truly as unfathomable as the Almighty?
Oh, i can tell you our formula,
the sequences of genomes
and chemicals,
and cycles,
that exist within each one of us.
Does that describe a person?
Does that describe an action they will take
or the depth of pondering in one's mind?

I wonder as dreams penetrate my mind at night
or was that last year?
The fisherman, Art,
who penetrates my memory still, asking "We will do lunch soon?"

That in of itself is terrifying,
for he is no long "here",
but he still is to me.

Three years with out my mom on mother's day,
this is also terrifying,
yet i feel her come to comfort me...
how strange it seems,
yet wonderful.

Each who has passed before,
comes in turn,
once or twice in mass yelling,
"No not yet!"
But the time seems near.

Enough of this pondering!
I have a life to live!
I am living a life
and there are many who do not understand,
but also do not ask.

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