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Monday, May 19, 2014

occasionally i remember to paint

For over 10 years i have been attempting to capture the feel of the place i call the daffodil farm.
This is my most recent photo:

While the photo is beautiful, painting it in the media i am familiar with (watercolor) has been a great challenge.
I have found not fewer than 20 different attempts in my water color pads.
For the first time, i decided to go small, a 5" x 7" pad and this is the result.

I recognize i have a distinct style - i like the entire page covered, i use a white colored paint often, sometimes i mix water color with acrylic and my brush strokes are unusual.  I take a large brush, wet it, put paint on it and smash it against the paper.  I let this dry and i take a damp brush with variations of the same color and do it again.  Finally i take a dry brush and do it one more time.
There is no detail only a suggestion of detail..
I think i have a bit more to do.
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