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Thursday, May 8, 2014

where it comes from

the other day i was asked;
why it comes,
why i put my being on these pages.
I have long known the answer
and that is shared in the body of this place,
a friend told me once that i shared my heart best when writing.
There is a bigger question
and i can only answer from that strange place that has been set free,
for these words bubble up from some untapped spring deep inside me.
They gurgle to the surface
and sometimes,
i can capture them.
Other times,
they burst and are lost to me.
When the thoughts are dark,
even though i capture them on this verse,
they burst and free me from their captive hold.
And so each word
and each thought expressed
are a part of me,
an offering for all to see.
I am good with this
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