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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Some days my words are dark;
here on these hollowed pages i write.
There exists despair and heartache in all of our lives
and i script mine,
when the mood fits.
Depression follows my wobbly gait
as a tail follows a dog.
I wake and see "things",
things i can not describe,
full of light and wonder.
Then i ask where the darkness went
and why it was here at all.
Shadows are following me,
but not those of dark and despair...
I think they are angels,
for they are bright and bring hope to me.
On the edge of my sight,
they appear,
but when i turn they are gone.
This gives me wonder
and i ask who they are.
There is no answer,
but they appear again,
like in a game of hide and seek.
Time is not endless,
but some days, it seems so.
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