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Thursday, July 10, 2014

garden life

walking though the tall, green, mint,
releasing an aroma that is so wonderful.
I must cut some of it,
for it does take over,
yet the flowers of other plants still stick out,
proudly in colors and shapes that are vibrant,
at the very least.
My dread and anticipation have lessened,
at least now, till the next visit,
which will be in a few weeks,
then perhaps more answers,
but the most serious of concerns have been relieved.
So I enjoy the smells and the sights,
the night blooming cereus treated me the other night,
the day lilies during the day.
Herbs and vegetables abound,
I pick them daily!
Squash flowers for fritters,
tomatoes and basil and arugula and chives and parsley and cilantro, of course, mint.
Red raspberries and potatoes and celery.
The cucumbers, not yet.
The early peas are late,
bok choy and red cabbage are growing
and lettuce is being harvested daily.
All is good.

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