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Thursday, July 17, 2014

that thief is gone

it is sad to say,
but fear quenched my heart for a time.
I believe it is open again
for words are sprouting
like new seeds in fertile ground.
I think,
i feel
and then words come tumbling out.
Like a boat that has loosed itself from its moorings,
in a rocky sea,
in stormy weather,.
Floating and gyrating wildly
as waves tear at its bow.
frozen inside,
my heart failed to speak
and now the storm has passed,
finds itself far out to sea.
It is still rocking uncomfortably,
for the swells are large,
the storm is calmer,
but not over.
I can sing again,
It is funny how fear steals our voice,
our song.
We make fast a sail,
on a mast that is not broken
and head for home.
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