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Thursday, July 17, 2014

traces of fear

fear is not what you think,
it is not the knock in a dark night.
it is not the mindless hysteria,
wrote by things not known.
Fear is what i know,
that all those things we breath,
all those "good" foods we ingest,
still have the same or worse
than all the mindless statements,
made by persons who wish to rally an unknown cause,
yet it is only to line their own pockets.
That product shipped and consumed
for persons who believe it has a seal that is beyond question.
The same solvent found in those products was
used for years when people felt decaf coffee was best for them.
The bacteria and viruses that only now we discover
cause lingering illnesses and cancers,
we once thought were due to stress.
Those "chemicals" we breath
and drink
and consume
are there because someone,
wanted to line their pocket,
 with the quickest way to get rich.
I have lived
and worked
and handled
things far worse than all of these

and i still live.
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