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Sunday, July 20, 2014

what it is

I walk,
wobbling and swaying,
not like some toy duck,
but as a drunken sailor,
walking the deck of a boat,
tossed by a rough storm,
but i have had nothing to drink.
My head hurts in a number of places,
each adding to the dismay that growths in my heart.
The doctors have found no cause,
from their tests and MRIs.
No cause for alarm,
yet the very problems cause me alarm.
I wonder how much longer I can go on...
The hurt,
the vision,
causing confusion.
I try shutting my eyes,
but the pain remains
So is this my vision
or something else.
My heart grows fearful,
I seem to lose hope
and strength of will
and then regains its calm.
I still see beauty in this world,
though darkness seems to want to demolish what is left.
Flowers bloom,
babies laugh
and the sun shines,
so brightness exists
and i am good with that.

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