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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I have been watching carefully

Carefully i watch
and study
and make observations.
That creative side,
does not want to be in contact,
with the coarser,
less emotional,
analytic side.
When i try to "figure" things out,
it retreats to a safe distance.
I can not blend them,
i feel sad about that.
It comes out,
as soon as the processing gives up
and needs a break.
The heart then,
is stronger than the mind,
but the mind is a bully.
To observe
and feel,
is the heart's job,
but the mind is to observe
and calculate.
They do not mix.
There is death with the one,
which does not feel
and life with the other.
They have struck a bargain,
they share my life,
the mountains and valleys,
one to lead the way,
the other to experience the hope,
that this life has,
for the mind does not see hope,
only problems
and the heart always hopes.
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