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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

returning to peace

The rains and wind came,
just as "they" said it would.
It was comforting,
for the morning came
and light grey skies greeted me.
i shuffled down the stairs,
for my first cup of coffee
and sat out side,
Dreams last night,
people who are close,
together someplace wonderful
and safe.
My cat,
the one who passed some 6 years ago,
while i was struggling for my life in the hospital,
was there
and i still love him.
they are here.
The good we do,
the bad,
i have no rational for either.
They happen,
they exist.
we make them happen,
but i prefer the good
and struggle with the bad.
i want a reason, a justification,
for why,
there is not.
It just is
and i must let it all go.
and that is when i find peace
and the storm is no longer terrifying,
but only a part of life.
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