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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

it is more than time

i have found peace,
for every one of us fails,
every one of us makes mistakes.
I almost let my old self get lost,
in confusion
and turmoil,
but no more.
No person can,
nor has the right to change
who we are,
only we can do that,.
So i hid for awhile,
did you notice?
I have stopped hiding,
does that make you uncomfortable?
There should be no fear,
on your part,
for i mean nothing concerning you,
it is only me that has returned.
Our place is to let it go
and not hold on.
i walk free,
but you do not?
Do you still hold on,
to what you can not change?
Life is here to live
and to love
and to enjoy,
let no dark cloud destroy that.
Move on.

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