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Sunday, August 24, 2014

how it goes

I often wonder how i go,
from one day to the next.
My eyes burn,
the sockets holding them hurt,
the vision from them gets me confused
and i wonder about the struggles of life...
i do not have it bad,
i am often reminded
and yet it ,
that is life,
is still a struggle.
And i struggle
and maybe the answer.
I am not lying still,
waiting from it all to end.
I will not give up.
Every moment of everyday,
i find a way to continue on.
It is not only with life,
that i struggle,
but with my heart.
My heart sees things it does not like,
in me and at times in others.
My heart struggles to remain free
and i let it.
So i take my tired,
odd seeing eyes
and i look
and i see...
the beauty of a single cloud,
in an otherwise cloudless sky.
The butterfly,
flitting among the honey bees,
gathering nectar,
and the flowers that still come,
despite my bumbling ramblings in the garden.
There is much beauty
and i struggle still,
though i am tired,
i no longer see my end in sight.

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