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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

walking through life

often i hear:
"You're retired???"
as if they can not believe it
and more often than not,
it is followed with yet another question;
"Aren't you bored???"
I am not bored
and i am retired,
because i con no longer do the work i was able to before.
tho this is my answer,
there is more,
there is always more,
life is NOT so simple.
I stopped working because my sight
and my balance caused mistakes
and accidents,
none were serious,
yet, they could have been.
In my estimation,
I was a danger to my self and those around me,
but not because of any illness.
It was the nature of my work
and what i handled
and what i had to do on a routine basis
and how my eyes and balance affected all of this.
When i walk,
i find my best efforts happen,
when i set my sights on a goal far away.
I may stumble because of a crack in the walk,
but i have a place and a goal to go to.
It is like that with each day.
My life is not filled with routine,
but rather a series of goals.
I rest often
and that in of itself,
is a goal.
When i do not start with a goal,
i wander aimless,
until i set a goal.
The goals are simple,
clean a garden,
pick the fruits of the garden,
decide how i will use them for dinner that night.
A walk is a goal,
with surprise encounters along the way.
Laundry and even fixing my bed are goals.
i do not have high expectations,
yet each accomplishment is important.
Talking to people,
sharing the things i have been given,
are in of themselves,
a goal worthy of a king.
No, I am not bored
and each moment carries an expectation of success.
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