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Monday, September 15, 2014

mixed feelings

Yesterday morning,
brought back clear memories of the past.
The crisp, sunny morning brought me to places,
from a long time ago.
The air smelled of mountain freshness,
tho we are in a city
and i could only remember the times with my parents,
in the New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana mountains,
next to a rushing stream.
It was fresh and chilly then also,
but it was July or even August when we were there.
A fresh caught fish for breakfast,
a nearby lake,
lake in the mountains
but how long ago?
It seems ages...
A shiver brings me back to reality,
it is cold to me now
and the crisp air and my shiver,
makes me remember that winter is coming,
a season i dislike.
For me winter is cold,
i said that already,
and harsh
and i must live indoors to keep my self warm.
Bright memories have turned to foreboding,
forgetting the past
and forgetting that between now and winter,
is my favorite season,
Autumn with all its bright,
shinning colors.
Mix feeling indeed!

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