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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Early mornings are good for my soul

I awake early
and while the weather is still mild,
take my coffee outside
and sit awhile.
Perceptions in the near light,
are different,
than either the light of day
or the dark of night.
with a hint of color thrown in,
I think of them as gifts.
I know that my eyes see differently,
but it is not always a bad thing,
not always a struggle.
It is in this twilight of very early morning,
it is best.
It shapes my mind with O's and Ah's
and brings me not only to a place of peace,
but of anticipation.
I think of the many gifts given
and I am on a roll.
Daylight soon comes
and that magical space is no long visible,
but its magic lingers on.

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