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Thursday, December 11, 2014

coming to a point

I passed through the rough times
and it was because i fought to leave it.
I have noticed that the gift that was cooking has left
and my food for the last few days is not so good,
but the way out of this is not to fight.
Cooking as i have is a gift,
though many have argued with me
and perhaps i had doubts
but i doubt no more.
When overwhelmed with emotion,
good or bad,
we can lose ourselves
and the struggle is to find our way back to the center.
A very Buddhist thought,
yet i believe it is at the heart of my life as a Christian also.
But to find peace is not something to obtain,
it also is a gift
and can occur at anytime,
in any circumstance.
That is now what i seek,
for in a world always turned upside down,
each of our lives are also affected
and peace can only be my answer.
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