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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


i heard the cry in your voice,
it is not loud,
barely a whisper,
yet it returns my heart,
to a place almost 4 years passed.
The grief and pain
are no longer so far in the past,
for your whispers echo in my heart.
loss is never easy,
for the brightest day here,
is still dark.
The vale that separates each side,
seems a bit sheerer
an d a bit closer.
There is no way to take your pain,
for it echos in my heart
and so i share what you feel.
This is not sad,
for the brightness on that other side,
is not dark as some like to believe.
It is not coached in grays,
rather it is this side that is dark
and we simply do not see,
just how bright it is,
by our own greyness.
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