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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

morning or stories of myself

i must admit,
i am at times a bit feisty.
Some times with others,
but most of the time with myself.
and all the things i go through.
There are times i want to just stop,
throw up my hands
and give up,
but i do not.
That in of itself,
amazes me.
I am never bored,
as i have heard from so many others.
i am constantly amazed by the things i DO see...
a pair of cardinals in a tree,
the birds eating the red berries in my tree;
the mocking bird sharing the same.
I think of the darkness in this world
and my heart grows faint,
but then there is so much more light,
so much more
and that lifts me.
It is cold out today
and so not so nice,
yet the birds are there,
making their presence known...
or maybe they are just presents?

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