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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

a misstep

Not quite a fall,
for i caught myself on the fence,
before my knees,
touched the cold of the concrete sidewalk.
but not hurt,
I was in the sight of many others,
who rushed over to help.
I was okay,
but not emotionally.
I have to be reminded often,
such as in the this situation,
that i am NOT well,
that my limitations are real
and that i must be careful at all times.
It is tiring,
being ever vigilant
and there are many times,
i want to throw down my cane,
toss the prism glasses off my face
and run!
And run,
not to get away,
but for the sheer freedom it brings.
I wonder how many times,
those who are worse off than i,
feel the same.
I took some minutes,
to get my heart and mind right again.
Then I continued on,
for a long walk was planed,
of more than  a mile,
before that misstep
and i was not going to be deterred!
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