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Friday, October 2, 2015

I've been absent a bit - again

you wonder,
or rather i wonder,
good news did not,
bring the relief i thought it should.
The intense wobbling stopped,
the one i worried so much about.
Not a big deal,
only crystals in the inner ear.
Simple clean,
but my heart is not clear from concern.
"In this life you will have trouble" is attributed to Jesus.
Many wise people have said similar,
for this is a truth that many attempt to find an answer for,
but the best is in the second line from Jesus;
"be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."
The first tells me what i already know,
what we all experience,
sometimes daily.
The second gives me hope,
for the troubles do have an end
and i expect to see it.

Further words.
make me scratch my head...
"he who looses his life will gain it."
I think I get i.
I wanted to be comfortable,
find a way to escape the suffering,
I could not and lost my peace,
but to go back into the struggle,
to live the best i can.
to love without judgement
and help those who can not help themselves.
To lose my life in that way,
is a splendid thing
and again, peace returns.
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