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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I often wonder about me

I ride or walk,
through the dizzying colours,
that are Fall.
I think of fiery lava flows,
225 million years ago,
(yes I believe that,
without contradiction to my faith.)
That covered this same land
and then drift.
to the icy cold glaciers,
miles deep,
only 10,000 years passed.
The to the pristine wilderness,
this must have been,
only a few short centuries ago.
Back to the present, I watch,
the rush,
the impatience,
the anger
that we seem to spew,
as we rush past the colours
and forget beauty.
What is the rush?
These colours have been in the making,
for millions of years,
I will enjoy
and rejoice
and be glad in Him.

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