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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

it is all about heart

didn't you know?
It isn't about power
or struggle,
it is all about heart.
How we love,
not how we hate,
though the two are not opposites.
It is not about fear,
for fear is never from God.
Fear is the opposite of love.
i can be angry,
yet still love you,
didn't you know?
I can't be afraid
and love you,
for fear does not leave room for love.
Terror is about fear,
not hate,
tho at time the seed is hate,
but the reality,
is that it is all about fear.
Fear begets fear
and terror
and revenge.
This is not about others,
it is about YOU
and ME,
what goes on deep in our hearts.
Love will stop it,
even tho there is great cost.

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