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Thursday, April 21, 2016

the why of looking at loss

I have been surprised,
way too many times lately,
when i find that blank spot in my memory,
of things that i should know,
but it is blank.
i now understand,
that these will not come back,
but are gone forever.
What does that say to me?
I have choices,
I can wallow in the despair that this loss brings me
or i can decide to learn again
The doctors have determined,
that the damage that was done,
is over,
but they can not see memory,
only how my brain functions now.
So, I can look at this in a positive,
exhilarating light
or not.
I like the challenge,
i like to learn.
I am not going to stop because,
what i once knew,
is no longer there.
I will relearn
and put my effort forward,
not backward.

Brain trauma sucks the big one,
but it does not have to remain so.
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