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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

understanding loss

i remember the surprise in my heart,
the first time i realized that "things" were gone.
Not unlike when some one breaks into your home and robs,
but this was my memory.
The doctors did tests,
but found nothing wrong,
but there was.
People look at you with strange eyes,
when you do not know them,
but not all of them.
Things do not make sense,
for there is no way of knowing,
what is lost.
Friends expect,
but you do not meet that expectation.
It is not their fault,
it is not mine.
Things that are gone,
are simply gone.
Do not ask me to code in COBOL, FORTRAN or PASCAL,
tho i once knew them well.
Dates are confusing,
even for the operation.
I learn again,
what i have forgotten.
It is not relearned,
for it is new to me.
Have patience i ask,
that is all i ask.
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