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Friday, April 8, 2016

how i present myself

some times,
in this blog,
which is a special place...
for me,
I share all of my deep struggles with this "adventure of mine".
People reading may or may not think i am whining.
Maybe I am,
but it is only here,
for when i am out and about,
despite the cane,
i apparently do not present as a person with much of a problem.
with a close friend,
I had one of those episodes that define my struggle
and there are several.
A small piece of food gets stuck in the esophagus,
causing my salivary glands to go into over dive
and i start to spit up...what ever.
For me it is embarrassing,
for them...a reminder that i am not well still,
but otherwise they forget and
have told me so, often.
So despite any whining here,
in real life,
that is not what i do.
I think i am better for it.
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