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Saturday, May 21, 2016

i have been quiet lately

It is not because I have nothing to say,
but because i am stymied,
on how to say.
my words are halting
and confusing to me.
Some how life took an odd turn
and i am in stagnant water.
i do not understand.
those near me,
in close proximity t least,
are unaware,
surrounded in their own cloud of self.
Others are lost in a confusion of their minds,
believing things that are made up,
believing that what they think is real.
I sit and ponder,
not exactly knowing what to do.
I hesitate
and stand still,
but i am learning something new.
The Spring time,
despite its cold temperament this year,
does not let me go down,
but has let me be confused.
I am told,
by others who are not so close,
my attitude is good
and that makes me wonder.
Am i on a new path,
a bit higher than before?
For i do not stop because.
i do not let those things that are barriers,
stop me.
I want to beckon those who are stopped,
to come with me,
but they also hesitate,
lost in themselves.
I must move on.

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