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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unexplained and so somewhat terrifying

the unexplained,
 the unknown,
these used to cause joy,
for it meant an investigations
and my curiosity would run wild with the possibilities,
but so much now.
It has to do with me,
my body
and my mind
and the unknown unnerves me.
i suddenly have no energy
and this heat is what usually propels me forward.
Caffeine helps,
but i have limited myself to only 3 small cups a day,
it is all i have felt i needed.
No weight loss,
but my muscles,
are not what they have been
and i think it is this fatigue,
which is the cause.
Then there is my mind,
i seem sharp as ever,
but then it seems i think in gibberish by the afternoon.
Naps do not come any more,
with all this,
i would think i could nap,
but i do not.
This is new and i do not like this.
a doctor visit is in order,
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