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Friday, June 3, 2016

a confusion of time and dates and seasons

i am okay.
yes, i have to say it,
for my heart is clear,
but i wake up wondering;
is it June already?
or is still May?
It feels like April or even earlier,
the weather is so confusing.
I look to other place i know,
but the rainy season should be over
and now there are floods.
Is God angry with us,
as some people say?
or have we done this to ourselves,
as the modern day prophets say?
As always,
the people who speak and warn are hushed.
There is controversy,
when there should be prayer.
It is not what we do,
but where are hearts are.
This is what matters!
Are we full of self righteousness,
like the pharisees of old?
I am better the thee because i act better than thee?
Humility is the call,
not :righteousness",
for not one of us can measure up,
no, not one.
We are not "correct".
We must learn not to be so arrogant.

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