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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A strange dream, such a strange dream

i woke up with the strange thoughts,
still lingering within my brain.
A woman's voice with an accent,
that seemed to be from some Caribbean island.
"Oh, it will be such fun to be married to you",
she said.
I did not know who she was
or rather i could not find a memory in my head.
She prated on
and i could tell she was serious,
but i did not know her.

This is what i did experience,
but not the to be married part,
after the second part of my operation
and this was terrifying.

i asked "are you sure?"
and she just continued,
as if it was a done deal.
I did not trust her words,
for i had no memory,
but things got stranger still...

i was at work,
not my main job,
but one of the many side jobs i held,
while working.
i was a sales clerk,
at a well to do store
and i was scheduled to be there only 2 hours.
In my mind,
i was suppose to do something special,
but could not remember what.
I approached a manager,
the one who scheduled me
and asked,
she did not know, but told me if it rained,
i would need to stay until it stopped.
I walked away,
still bemused
and this made the dream stranger still!

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