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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

i have said it before

i will repeat my self,
this is an adventure that i am on.
A strange and some times odd road,
of recovery, still after almost 8 years.
i have ups
and i have downs,
after all that is what an adventure is.
Some times i take a wrong turn
and have to back track.
Some times i feel miserable
and others elated.
for the moment,
i am clear
and coherent in my thought.
May be not in a few minutes,
but i will take what i can have,
When i am stymied
and the world seems to to dark
and my words seem to be drained of hope,
gently remind me that i am on an adventure.
I will respond.
In the depths of my heart,
i know,
but some times my strength wanes.
That is true of all of us,
who seek MORE.
Even that small thing,
like holding an empty glass,
as small as it may seem,
will tire the strongest of us,
when held in an outstretched arm,
for an undetermined length of time.
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