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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

awake early

oh, not that early,
but my typical early, 6 AM.
The sun is already up
and i am enjoying,
the sounds of the birds and squirrels,
and other creatures of the day,
squabbling, fighting, arguing
over territory
or a bit of favorite food
or whatnot.
My brain always works best in the morning.
I think clearly,
do complex math in my head,
but i know it won't last till noon.
I am good with that.
Now, my body,
rejuvenated from a nights sleep,
is NOT cooperating.
There are pains and aches,
and other such nonsense,
that make me feel,
well, terrible.
I get up anyway.
Waiting for blood work,
The doctor gave one of three scenarios,
none of which are serious
and i understand and continue on,
but my exercise,
which had been vigorous,
is limited
and that is not good for me.
so i wait and ponder
and do what i can...
This is NOT going to bring me down.

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