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Saturday, March 11, 2017

perhaps i see things differently than you

The morning light,
soft and gentle,
caresses my eyes
with shadows that seem some what muted,
to my eyes.
The early light,
beckons me,
from my slumber
and calls me out of my warm bed.
I do not return during the day,
for the light of days,
tells me to come and play.
As afternoon comes
and shadows grow long,
they seem sharper,
than the noon day sun
and my eyes begin to cry out in pain.
No slumber yet,
but i might close my eyes
or remove my glasses,
to give relief,
from the pain.
I am awake,
but not for long,
for as the sun sets in it brillance,
I wince,
for darkness does not bring a reprieve,
yet i struggle on for a bit.
My mind,
now struggles
and my body feels the strain.
Only but a few short hours,
I am up
and slumber takes me,
waiting for the sweet caress,
for morning's light.
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