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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

mish mosh or have you ever wondered?

Wonder - a marvelous thing,
how much do you?
Not wander,
wonder about just about every thing.
I was told that such a thing is spelled out,
in Jewish literature as a gift of the Spirit,
i never knew...
But i ask questions
and i experiment
and constantly ask what if?
I have a lot of knowledge
and i shared everything,
when i worked,
but less so now.

I thought of writing a cook book,
not of how to do things,
but what does not work.
I see questions when people get colds and viruses,
i have answers,
answers that might surprise a person who knew my background...
a degree in chemistry, with a lot of biochemistry.
Working in a health department,
where traditional medicine was accepted without much question,
but i knew there was more.
Did you know the vinegar is the most effective substance,
i have tested against most dangerous bacteria
and that zinc does stop the replication of viruses
or that turmeric is a great anti inflammatory?
colored or greenish sputum is a sign of infection
and if it got that far,
you need antibiotics?
I take every vaccine i can and know it has protected me,
but the vaccine for the normal childhood diseases,
measles, mumps and chicken pox,
were not developed yet
and i lost hearing in one ear because of it.
I eat things that most people would not because it might make them ill:
raw oysters, rare hamburger, sushi, but i know my risk
and it is up to me to take them.

How is that for a variety post?

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