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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stamford vs Connecticut

I just finished watching one of my favorite 'feel-good' movies , when fools rush in. Part of the reason it is a favorite is because they tipify CT people with money. This has been done many times before, including with 'Guess who's coming to dinner' from a long time ago.
The typification tho I think remains somewhat accurate: a little ecsentric, a bit self centered, a little out of touch, a lot stiff, but friendly, okay, a lot out of touch and self centered, and always trying to be nice and accepting and never quite making it because of the other issues. To me Stamford has been trying to break out of the mold for at least 30 years, but has kept the bad qualities and lost the quaint, positive qualities. So when people talk about Stamford and its problems, it kinda roasts at the heart. It wants to be New York, and that would br positive, I think, but hasn't quite gotten there and with a lot of people fighting that path, I think it has taken on bad qualities. So let us become a little New York, really. It is either that or go back to the sleepy little town it was 30 years ago either one would be better than its current place.

Funny, I almost never watch TV when I am home, now I get to see all the crazy different movies I never did before, example Dirt Harry, yea, I am a bit behind times.

Mean while, my room did not leak last night, like others on my floor, I slept well and I saw a little improvement in my vision this morning.
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