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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thankful again

After a rough couple of days, I have gotten to the placeof being thankful, again.
It took my closest people in my life to help me out of my hole, but I am out.
Everyone who has seen me ober time if it is two weeks - wow you are looking so much better; a week, wow, you are looking so much better, 2 days, do you realize how much better you look?
This completely consistant across the board and, who see things moment by moment am not always adle to see there changes, except when I look back.
The most dramatic has been eating and the level that I can eat from even 2 days ago and now csn get into other parts of themenu that I couldn't even attempt before.
The other is my cough, and breathing which is definately improved.
The answers I don't have have to do with my hemaglobin, which is low and have never experienced that before and that does take energy. And of course my eye sight which appears stationary except that the positioning of the eyes is improving regularly and that might explain the whole thing since then my brain has to adjust to those changes.
Any way the important thing is the attitude and that will help in the recovery.

For all those who have responded, thank you. It means a great deal that you even read this long disertation...maybe soo, I'll write some more boring environmental stuff or give the health department a kick in the pants.
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