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Friday, September 5, 2008

A step back but not backwards

Sometimrs it takes some one else to be in your life to let you see things as they should be.
In my life, I have a number of those p,eople, the people in my community and household, my mom, my girl friend, but there is one, who I sometimes feel my not be human, cause she seems more like a guardian angel than anything.
I met Margarita when she became the first clerical person in the lab, she was (and still is) happily married and had one child ( she now has 3). She was born 10 years after me, exactly, her mother was born 10 years after my mother, she came to Stamford from another country like I did ( well Texas is another country, really) The same year that I did. We visited the smae places, but never met before (and it is a good thing, cause I like her husband). To me, it seems like we are in parallel lives never quite intersecting. She advances to better positions and moved out of the lab, but we still take our morning break and will call each other in times of trouble. O f course, this caused the imature ( a lot of them) at the Government center to speculate, but it was emotional and spiritual, never anything else. She actually understood the manner that I live, because with her and her husbands family, they also form a spiritual community bound in this case by marrage. So there is alot of understanding.
Last night she stop by for just a moment, and gave her best wishes and prsyers and then said, you are going to be better. it was so authoritive, I think I cried for 30 minutes, cause it made me very happy.

The reality, as bad as my eyesight is, it is not the eyes that are damaged, it is the part of the brain that interprets thingss that has presure on it andis slowly recovering. No I can't always tell, it is slow and sometimes I have to be reminded to have hope, no it is more than just hope and I really don'y know what to call it, because it is a certainty that things will get better.

So, I stepped back to look and things do look better.

A special thanks to my gardian angel for that.
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