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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Slow Road

Yes, it is/has been a slow road.
Reality, I am still seeing double and do not have a great deal of strength.
The double vision has been improving. I walk better with double vision than with a patch. I shopped last night at commerce st Shop-rite...which is more of a feat than the Saturday morning feat because it was at the end of the day. It was tough. I am walking around my block, tho not very big. They are ending my in-house therapy tomorrow, they can't do any more for me. I will have to go to a facility for proper he[p, they say I have improved beyond what they are able to do for me.

Now for a bit of Heath Department Trivia. I listen to the Health Department Hot line messages and 2 were updated from july... the beach and shellfish hotline..the others tick, flu and west nile were not updated, so after some struggle I updated them the best I could. whooops..I am not suppose to be working!
Hopefully, I will get to this again with more trivia.
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