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Monday, February 16, 2009


Every morning before i get up, i try some eye exercises. Mostly they6 have to reviewing how far apart my computer screens are from each other (no, I don't have two screens, its the double vision). Since the screen is about 10 feet from the bed, I do not have to actually get up to do this, but maybe because i am really trying to see what is going on or maybe there is something new, i have the following observations and they seem to be different on any given day.
1) Opening and shutting my eyes has one of the screens travel from a convergence to up to 6 inches apart from the other. Today it was about 1 inch, then it turned into the normal 6.
2) If I turn my head to the left the screen images converge.
3) Yesterday when I turned my head right the screen images separated more, today they converged.
4) moving my head down converges the images.
5) Today moving my head up converged the images. Yesterday it did not.
This is just so I can try to get a handle on things, there is a lot of variance and I it is confusing. Are things getting better or worse? I actually can not tell for sure.
So the work continues.
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