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Friday, March 13, 2009

The ups and downs of life

The last few days at work have been tough, physical demanding, lots of things to check and then there is vindication also.
The FDA vindicated my assessment of a canned product and the manufacturer is now scrambling after being a bit blase about it at first. It did create more work for me, but that was okay, this is what I love.
The real thing is that I am on no ones side. I look for what ever is real and report it.
I have gone against city policy and assessments because they were not right, I have challenged the USEPA cause they were not right.
I have helped and hurt home owners based on what ever it is that I find in a sample.
This is actually very freeing and of course it does not make me richer.
I guess I am a real pain cause I love what I do.
All I can say is that the glasses work well and I am happy.
The walk to and from work is healthy for me cause it clears my head.
Yesterday, I was really tired, the day before, down, today, good and I almost miss that I am not going in to work tomorrow.
Life is like that.
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