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Sunday, May 24, 2009


I seem to have gotten much more "reflective" since my adventure started.
I think this is a good thing, it lets me stop and notice things around me and in me.
Up not as early as Saturday,
there was no breeze, but the air was damp and cool.
Starlings and sparrows were squawking at each other,
but the morning doves soothed that racket with gentle cooing .
A noise From someone some where, i could not see.
Ah the Italian neighbor,
working in her garden across the street,
wearing black because her husband recently passed, he was 93.
She is what i think of as a typical Italian, she shares from the bounty of her garden with her neighbors.
She is mostly quiet in the morning, but always working in the garden.
It is a good morning to be quiet on.
I notice that my favorite rose, the wild white one that smells so intensely , but only blooms for one week is beginning to bloom its small white flowers.
The Irises are incredible now and the peas I planted early are blooming!

That these are blooming is good, I had forgotten that the garden was unattended from July on last year, so i am no longer surprised at the number of weeds that exist along side these beauties. It is a lot of work.
The vision i currently have is giving me fits.
At times with the glasses on, i can not keep my balance.
This makes working in the garden more than a challenge.
I have killed some plants by stumbling around.
I noticed that when my eyes are tired, there are double images, they are reversed, meaning that things are getting better. This in of it self seems strange to me as i would think that it would be when i was rested that the eyes would be better, as they seem to be by where the double images are.
I just know there are changes and as difficult as they make things, it is okay.
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