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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sidewalks and attitude.

So I get to go back to the optometrist/head trauma specialist in NY tomorrow.
I am a bit anxious, there is a lot going on with the eyes, but the adventure is not over yet.
I was hoping that it would be over, but i will wait it out.
It is the getting better that is making my life significantly more difficult, but i am not complaining. The vision is getting better.

Walking to and from work gives an interesting perspective on Stamford.
The drivers are rude and unsafe for the most part, but there are gems out there. We need more of those people here.
Stamford is not the most pedestrian friendly city, but then there are times you feel like a prince (as in "Coming to America"). The cherry blossoms fall like a carpet and are beautiful!
The space is wide enough for two or three easily.

Most times it is like this:

Trash cans and light posts make it so you might have single file traffic.
For some one with significant visual problems, the legs for the fence can cause a tripping problem.
The ways are tight and built, not for pedestrian traffic, but so businesses can hawk their space.
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