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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Difficult Stuggling Dreams

Last night I had a series of them, I remember the last one.
I know that I have been having them for a number of days (weeks?).
I am in the lab doing something and there is a flurry of activity.
I must finish what I am doing.
A woman, who I do not know walks in demanding a copy of a report.
She is some one important.
The report brought down her Ex.
He was a Senator. He was driven out of office by the report.
She now wants an official copy so she can get money from him.
She is divorcing him.
The copy has a pen line through one result and a hand written values over it.
The typed line would not have been a problem. The written line is.
It does not look real, but it looks a bit like my hand writing.
It is something I would never do.
I demand to be able to finish my work.
My co-worker is not helping and is saying things to hinder me.
Other people come in the lab who have no business there.
They are gawking at the woman.
Some I know, some I don't.
One asks if i think she would be interested in him because she will have lots of money.
I look at him like he is crazy.
I finish what I was doing and go to my computer.
Only it has been disconnected with wires all over the place.
I try to start to put it together and a bunch of gaming disks fall out the back of the stand.
I claim someone is tampering with things.
I call IT.
End of dream.

The emotion of the dream is what is important, the struggles, the frustration, the feeling that nothing ends. That feeling is what has been reproduced in a number of other dreams (not in the Lab or at work) that i do not remember.
I no longer wonder why there is so much stress in my shoulders.
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