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Monday, September 28, 2009

Distractions from a day

Outside, the neighborhood children are playing football.
The ages range from 9 to the mid-teens.
They play well together.
They all play, they all get a chance.
It is in our very non-busy street, so it is touch football, but they play hard.
It is wonderful to watch.
To me this is what inter mural sports does not give, a sense of neighborhood.
They are all colors and shapes and sizes.

It is so much better than what I experienced at work today.

My dreams have been more interesting, lighter, significantly more spiritual.

I am tired.

They had in the paper how the city employees are working over time to test houses in the Scofield area. They did not mention me and i am glad. I do not want notoriety, i want the job done, and done thoroughly.

My boss was out today and we got much awaited results.
I felt like I was screaming, but I was not.
I had to push to get things processed and delivered.
I have to talk to the state lab often when my boss is out, so my time is not spent on analysis.

I know what I would feel like if my house were in the area.
Okay, maybe i would not be as concerned, because i think my exposure as a chemist to nasty chemicals has been significantly more than all those people combined, but i have empathy for what they are feeling and want results back as soon as possible and then processed quickly. I do not think others have that same sense of urgency, but i may be mistaken.
I think there will be one or two more weeks of working both days of the weekend and then it should slow down.

My advice to people seeking water tests have changed, there is more empathy and understanding. Some homes were built on undeveloped land and so they have little to worry about, many were built on old farms and those are the ones that concerns me, but that is work and it has enveloped my brain much of the time.

I was very tired at work. When I came home my nap was complete and I woke refreshed. Then I saw the football game on the street and a smile came to my face.

That was good.
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