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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall coming

Although the day was tough, I decided to do the 5 word challenge Scarlet gave me, tomorrow is my day off so I will take the day off.
Stay to the end because my own ramblings are there.
Challenge - Yes everyday is a challenge in many, many ways. My own recovery is only a small portion of challenge, because I challenge myself to more than just survive. I hope in some small was I can help someone in some way every day. That is a challenge. Will I succeed? That is the question. Work is a challenge, living is a challenge. Taking my next step with out falling is a challenge.
Vision - I laughed at this one, because one one naturally assume I would talk about my eyesight, but vision to me is so much more. It is a perception on how we look at living, at how we approach a task and how we approach a problem. It is seeing the detail and the whole and seeing how things fit. Some times it is applied in even how I cook.
Spirit - The surprising one. I think of my own spirit and how it keeps me going, even when I am down. I think of others and their spirit and attitude and how they encourage me. I think of Gods spirit, which I believe is sustaining me day by day.
Power - I never feel I have power, and yet I know I do. To live through the challenges that are given to me on a daily basis. I do not want the other kind, the one which has "power" over other people. That is useless to me. The power to help others, that takes determination. Maybe I have some of that.
Solitude- Only a few word for that.
I sit on my bed at night,
I look to the stars.
I am alone, in solitude yet,
never alone,
always with a multitude.

Thank you Scarlet for these words.

For those of you who think I always cook "good", I will share a couple of downers with you.
The first was a leg of lamb - The seasonings were mint (lots form the garden), garlic, lemon juice and sweet vermouth. The flavors were wonderful, but the day was rainy and warm and so I did not want to turn on the oven. I had wanted to roast this lamb on a grill, but the rain prevented that and plus I did not know when I was going to be called in, so I went with a slow cooker.
The problem was that the slow cooker drys out meat like lamb, even if it is covered it liquid. It was tasty, but not my expectation.
The other was hamburgers which I was going to do something special with, but just punted and again did them inside on the stove top. Nothing special, oh well...
But tonight - I am doing my special version of potato and leek soup. Butter, diced potatoes to brown, leeks, white wine, salt, course ground black pepper and cream. My special additions? Minced and whole baby calms , red sweet peppers and fresh parsley.

Coming home it felt like fall, it was a hard day. My vision was spinning every time I moved and was having lots of trouble making out the differences between numbers.
The felling of fall lifted my spirit with the wind blowing. I saw a flock of pigeons flying in the wind and I felt i was seeing swirling leaves in the air. The breeze was strong with a hint of rain coming and cold weather. I do not like cold, but have always liked fall.
This was good.
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