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Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm not "happy"

2 men are in an auto accident. One gets out and casually inspects the damage, the other comes out red in the face and really upset, but he is particularly short.
"I'm not happy!" He says
The other replies, "So which of the other 7 dwarfs are you?"

That is how the fight started...

I thought of this today as thing after thing just did not happen for me at work.
My 2 main supports sensed this and both came to visit for a bit, which was refreshing, but still the problems persist.
It seems I am the expert the city has on the Scofieldtown mess and so as people barrage them with questions, many are differed to me. And those making decisions are asking my input.
Now if they could only get my salary right...
Yes you heard me, I have been working 4 or 5 complete weekends and they got my hours correct on one of them. One they overpaid me and that had to get corrected the next weekend, the others they are putting in more and more furlough time (which is unpaid time) and so I get less and less in the check.
Of course my eyes are really bothering me and that is not helping my attitude.
I come home and really can not rest because I am agitated, so I do the next best thing, cook.
Tonight - Tacos and enchiladas and saffron rice - true comfort food!
While I buy the tortillas, everything else is from scratch, so it does taste good.

Of course my little plight seems to pale into insignificance compared to my blog friends from the Philippines. Please visit any of the following blogs
cherie of this side of town
a small group of friends in the Salttype society
I think if you visit these 2, you will be drawn into the rest of the collection of an amazing group of people who have just suffered (and maybe suffering again) astounding loss.
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