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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas dinner, the day after.

This may seem like a food network blog, but it really isn't.
It is just have that that one of the more pleasant parts of this long recovery is that I seem to be able to cook, well.
Better than I ever could before, trying new things that I have never cooked before.
I also am not a respecter of dates.
I celebrated my birthday the day before.
Because we are having guest tonight, I am cooking Christmas dinner today.
I also make compromises, I wanted something like turkey or Ham or fielt Mingion and John wanted Pork Loin.
We are doing pork loin. Or rather I am cooking it.
I slit it open and stuffed it with apricots pieces and walnut pieces and cut up apples and salt and garlic.
I did a salt/paprika/parsley rub on the outside.
Then I put must orange honey glaze and am roasting it real slow.
Roasted potatoes, honey glazed carrots and salad finish it off.
I bought a chocolate yule Log from Matthew's bakery across the way for dessert.
I think I will have fun with this.
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