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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Games and dreams

For those of you who were curious about the opening of my last post and for those of you who have experienced "unwanted" attention on your own blogs, they are the same.
The difference?
I sadly have the ability (and yes, I did use some of that ability) to discover and uncover where abouts of unwanted attention.
A person from Sunnyvale, Ca came across too strong and I had a choice to make.
I decided that it did not matter as to the identity they wished hidden and they were not being nasty and I have the last say on this blog if they got so.
I could have played the games i used to and I probably still have ability to shut them down, but I do not want to play anymore.
They are not a bother and as long as they remain so, they can post.
This blog has been about my change and my recovery and part of it is that I do not want to play anymore, it just is not important.
For the people who I serve (i.e. the public) who really do have problems, that is important.
For the people who have become my friends and who live dealing with monstrous problems, they are important.
I had a fun dream last night which almost summed it up.
The location, California.
The place. my "home".
A person comes to the door dressed as a "mock" General Custer, asking for help because the General, in his words, "Was not dead."
I laughed, said "yes he is cause I killed him." I closed the door and continued to laugh, saying; "You got to love this place!"
It was a good dream.
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