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Friday, December 11, 2009

H1N1 - a description of having it

Having the H1N1 influenza virus - it was not fun and i am better, but I thought a quick description would help.
I felt it coming, the slowly feeling like I was losing energy and then the phlegm and then the coughing and coughing.
For 2 days I coughed a great deal.
My lungs hurt.
There was fever, 101.9 for a night.
Then all I could do was sleep.
2 full days of this and slowly the phlegm stopped forms - that took another several days and of course had to go secondary with a bacterial infection.
Cleared that up with antibiotics.
This was no simple virus, no simple influenza. This was intense and rough. Do not mess with it, the vaccine is available, get it!
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